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The Minister of EU Funds Management TomislavDonchev visited District Information Point - Burgas in order to participate in an open discussion on the topic of "Young people's success - Bulgaria or Europe", organized by District Information Point (DIP) - Burgas.

The meeting was opened by Burgas Municipality's Mayor - Dimitar Nikolov, the head of the European Commission's Representation in Bulgaria - Zinaida Zlatanova and other formal guests.

The discussion was marked by the active participation of young people - pupils and university students- who presented and justified their views on the challenges to their success in modern society, and the representatives of the business, the local and national authorities expressed their position.

The Mayor of Burgas supported the young people in their view regarding the need to increase the internship possibilities and added that remuneration would be yet another incentive for them. The business itself also agreed with the arguments of the young people, but urged them to be more initiative and active so as to find their place on the labour market.

On behalf of the national authorities Mr. Donchev suggested that pupils should direct their interests towards more specific subjects and stated that the labour market lacked specialists in certain areas. The Minister of EU Funds Management invited the young people to work in Bulgaria regardless of where they had decided to further their education.

DIP - Burgas was established under project No. BG161РО002-3.3.02-00018-С0001 "Establishment and Operation of District Information Point - Burgas, and is part of the network of the 27 District Information Points. The project is implemented with the financial assistance of Technical Assistance Operational Programme, co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.



On 12.07.2012 District Information Point - Burgas attended the information day following an open call where experts from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism had the role of lecturers.

On 28.06.2012 European Funds for Competitiveness Directorate-General at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism - the Managing Authority of Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy Operational Programme 2007 - 2013 launched an open call for proposals for the selection of projects, which did not have a set deadline - BG161PO003-2.3.02 Energy Efficiency and Green Economy.

The main purpose of the call for proposals is to enable the micro-, small and medium companies in Bulgaria to switch to "green economy", by promoting the implementation of projects related to the utilization of energy-saving technologies and the introduction of renewable energy resources. This aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The media and the citizens of the region who were interested in the possibilities of energy efficiency were invited to the meeting. After the procedure was explained in detail, there was a discussion where experts answered specific questions raised by the attending people. Specific cases concerning eligible costs were discussed.


District Information Point - Burgas attended the exhibition made by the children from Bratya Miladinovi Primary School, as part of the initiatives of Young Europeans Youth Club. The club was created under project SUCCESS funded under the scheme "Making the School More Attractive to Young People" of Development of Human Resources Operational Programme.

Out-of-class activities are performed within the project in order to provide conditions for the pupils at national and municipal schools to spend their free time in a meaningful way.

The exhibition was titled "European Way" and included hand-made posters for each EU Member State. The posters provided a short description of the country, its cultural monuments and the different traditions.

The club expressed their wish to cooperate with District Information Point - Burgas and to organize future events.


District Information Point - Burgas (DIP - Burgas) attended a practical seminar for school principals from Burgas Region. The event was held under the auspices of Nessebar's Mayor - Mr. Nikolay Dimitrov, and the guests included also Mrs. Yordanka Ananieva - Deputy Mayor in education at Burgas Municipality, and Mrs. Veselina Taralova - Head of Education and Demography Issues.

The manager of DIP - Burgas - Mrs. Rositsa Mladenova presented the center's main activities and services, and focused on the possibilities for cooperation with educational institutions. After having already cooperated successfully with the schools of the region, on the occasion of the Europe Days organized by DIP - Burgas, the principals welcomed the idea of turning the organization of events concerning the promotion of European policies among children and pupils into a tradition.

At the end of the seminar the participants agreed to organize meetings together with DIP - Burgas, where schools which have already implemented projects under operational programmes can present their experience and good practices to their colleagues that wish to apply for the future calls for proposals.



The events organized by the District Information Point from May 2nd and 9th, 2012 in Burgas became very popular and reached many people from Burgas. The participation of more than 1400 children who study in 14 different Burgas schools grabbed the attention of more than 5000 people in the audience. The dance clubs at Bratya Miladinovi Primary School and Dobri Chintulov High School gave the most spectacular performances, which were loudly applauded. The singers from Nayden Gerov Primary School and Mihail Lakatnik New Primary School were also highly appreciated by the audience. The holidays were themed after the year 2012 which was declared to be Solidarity year, and they brought both younger and older people together. The proof for this was the performance of "Manista" Trio and "Vetrenski Slavey" that delighted the older part of the generations.

Pupils from Burgas and foreign schools participated in the European Rally where they competed in funny and educational games for two consecutive days. The two plays performed by children, the performance of Mary Boys Band Group, the soloists from the Burgas Opera Ballet and the Bulgarian Brass Band, all of whom performed in the open the Sea Garden at stage Ohliuva, gained many fans there.

Following the invitation by the District Information Point - Burgas, the chairperson of the European Commission in Bulgaria, Mrs. Zinaida Zlatanova, as well as Tomislav Donchev - Minister of EU Funds Management, attended two information events where more than 200 pupils and students were gathered. The main topics were the results from Bulgaria's membership in the EU and the priorities for the following 2014 - 2020 period, and afterwards there were loud discussions about the opportunities for finding a job and internship at the European Institutions.

Mrs. Zornitsa Rusinova - Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy arrived together with Minister Donchev, and together they discussed the challenges for the business and the local authorities during the following programming period. The interest expressed in the possibilities to decentralize the state structures and to attract a part of them to the region of Burgas united the authorities and private businessmen in their wish to cooperate.