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Information about the financial instruments for the implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy, namely - the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund of the EU and their mechanisms for functioning was presented on the meeting held on today in Kocherinovo Municipality, organized by Kyustendil District Information Point.    Information about open procedures on the operational programmes was presented to the attendants as well, whereas the focus was placed on OPHRD. The possibilities existing to date were explained, encouraging the employers to appoint young unemployed persons up to 29 years of age. The schemes "First Job", "New Workplace" are among them, as well as the trainee's schemes "New Beginning - from Education to Employment" and "Start in the Administration".  The programme announced on 15. October 2012 - "I Can More" also provoked interests, documents for which are submitted in the Employment Agencies. The aim of this programme is to employed persons working of Permanent Labour Agreement and self-employed persons to be given a possibility to participate in courses for acquiring vocational qualification, foreign language or digital competence courses with the purpose of enhancing their qualification and opening new possibilities for career development before them. Documents will be accepted until 2 November 2012. During the meeting interest was provoked by the possibility for applying on procedure BG051PO002/12/2.2-07 under sub-priority 2.2. "Competent and Efficient State Administration" financed by Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity 2007-2013".  On this procedure the municipal administrations may apply for enhancing the qualification of their employees as the deadline for submission of project proposals is 16.11.2012 (Friday), 5.30 p.m. Kyustendil District Information Point was established in implementation of project № 0070-ОКЛ-3.3. "Establishing a District Information Point in Kyustendil Municipality, Agreement No BG161PO002-3.3.02-00016-C0001. The project is financed gratuitously under Operational Programme "Technical Assistance", co-financed by the EU European Fund for Regional Development .

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