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Kyustendil District Information Point conducted on 16.10.2012 its first working meeting with the media, on which information was provided about the implementation of the operational programmes in the district of Kyustendil, as well as about the possibilities for providing information through the Information System for management and monitoring of the EU structural instruments in Bulgaria (ISMM). Pursuant to the database of ISMM, the Point's team announced statistics information as well, stating that in Kyustendil District from the beginning of the programme period until 21 September 2012, 106 agreements in total have been concluded under the operational programmes, co-financed by the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund of the EU.   During the meeting it was seen that to date 100 questions in total have been submitted to Kyustendil District Information Point, a greater part of which were related to the possibilities for applying under operational programmes. The greatest interest is reported towards the project "Energy Renovation of the Bulgarian homes" financed under OP "Regional Development". To date Kyustendil District Information Point has conducted 15 information and discussion meetings in total in the district of Kyustendil, attended by approximately 190 persons, including local authorities, regional authorities, the business, community centres and private persons. The Manager of Kyustendil District Information Point Mrs. Lyubomira Velinova explained that due to these meetings need of information about the next programme period has been ascertained, as well as about current application procedures - organizing information days by towns and announcements in the media. To the end of this year the Point plans to start the next sequence of events for promotion of the new programme period 2014 - 2020, as well as for presentation of best practices and current application procedures under the operational programmes, co-financed by the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund of the EU. Kyustendil District Information Point was established in implementation of project № 0070-ОКЛ-3.3. "Establishing a District Information Point in Kyustendil Municipality, Agreement No BG161PO002-3.3.02-00016-C0001. The project is financed under Operational Programme "Technical Assistance", co-financed by the EU European Fund for Regional Development.