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Today in Kyustendil District Information Point a working meeting was conducted with representatives of the Project Manager, responsible for the South-West District on the project "Energy Renovation of the Bulgarian Homes", financed under Operational Programme "Regional development" 2007 - 2013. Its aim is better living conditions to be ensured for the citizens of buildings in which many families live in the downtowns through increasing the quality of the environment and implementing energy efficiency measures. For Kyustendil District this project covers the towns of Kyustendil and Dupnitsa. The attendants of the meeting were interested mostly in the financial conditions and the specific engagements, which the owners shall undertake, in the documents necessary for applying, as well as in the sequence of the steps which shall be completed.    The representatives of the Project Manager explained that the first stage is the submission of the initial application for interest and support which is not related with any financial engagement on part of the co-owners. After that an inspection of the building shall be made and an indicative budget shall be prepared with distribution of each owner's expenses. On condition that the prepared budget satisfies all of the owners, Owners Cooperation (OC) shall be organized. The Cooperation shall conduct General meeting on which a decision for submitting a second application for participation in the project shall be made.   The representatives of the Project Manager underlined that a mandatory requirement for financial aid applying under the project is the achieving of 100% consent of the residents of the building/ block-section for participation in the project.  Upon approval the owners will get financial aid of up to 50% of the budget costs for the respective building renovation. However, unlike the above owners, those who own sites in which economic activity is exercised shall pay 100% of the expenses for their property.   Housing Renovation Fund shall support those of the owners who have financial difficulties by providing them loans/bank guarantees. On its part Kyustendil District Information Point announced that to date two applications have been submitted for Kyustendil District, some more are now in process of preparation.   Those interested in the project's possibilities may address for further clarification Kyustendil District Information Point   and the coordinators in the respective municipal administrations.  The initial application for interest and support shall be submitted to the office of Kyustendil District Information Point to the following address: Town of Kyustendil, No 18 Partriarh Evtimii St. (the building of Community Point "Bratstvo"). The working hours of the Point is from 9.00 o'clock to 5.30 o'clock p.m. every working day during the week. Kyustendil District Information Point is a part of the network of 28 information Points for promotion of the EU Cohesion Policy, established with the financial support of  Operational Programme "Technical Assistance", co-financed by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development. Kyustendil District Information Point was established in implementation of project № 0070-ОКЛ-3.3. "Establishing a District Information Point in Kyustendil Municipality, Agreement No BG161PO002-3.3.02-00016-C0001.

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