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On June 21st 2012 in the town of Pernik the District Information Point conducted an informational meeting under the following topic: Open Procedures for Financial Grants under Operational Programmes. Sharing Best Practices. Mr. Zhecho Zhechev, an external lecturer for the organization, introduced the currently active procedures for submission of project proposals, as well as the upcoming opening of schemes as laid down in the indicative plans of the Operational Programmes. The most discussed procedure was Encouraging Commencement of Projects for Development of People's Own Business financed under Human Resources Development Operational Programme. The experts from DIP- Pernik expect raised interest in the project Energy Renovation of Bulgarian Homes, financed under Operational Programme Regional Development. Within 3 years the project will finance implementation of measures for energy efficiency of multi-family buildings in 36 towns all over the country, among them also the town of Pernik. Associations of owners of buildings of over 3 storeys and at least 2 separate dwellings per storey shall be admissible. Each separate building shall receive financial support amounting to 50% of the renovation budget. The costs for audits of buildings for establishing the technical parameters, including preparation of technical passport of the building and energy audit shall be fully covered by the Operational Programme. Within the framework of the event Mrs. Elena Tsolova, Manager of the Information Point, presented successfully completed projects performed by the Radomir Municipality. She underlined that each project that can be shared as best practice shall be promulgated by the DIP's team with the aim that information exchange between the beneficiaries facilitates the increase of administrative capacity. DIP- Pernik is one of the 27 District Information Points established under project Establishing and Operation of District Information Point - Pernik, Contract No. BG161РО002-3.3.02-00026-С0001 for financial grant, financed under Technical Assistance Operational Programme, co-financed by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development. For additional information: Vanya Davidova - expert in Communication, Information and Logistics Tel: 076/ 600 777 and 0879/ 95 80 33 e-mail: oic_pernik@abv.bg    

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