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On 19.04.2013, in the conference hall of the Municipality of Tran, the Regional Information Center - Pernik (RIC) held a briefing on "Presentation of current information for the preparation of the new 2014-2020 programming period for open procedures on selection of projects and sharing best practices". Stoyan Yotov - "European projects and programs" expert informed the participants of the forum about the current procedures for a range of proposals and information related to the new programming period. Seven will be operational programs that will be implemented in 2014. The existing till now "Transport Environment" OP, "Human Resources" OP, "Competitiveness" OP "Regional Development" OP will be upgraded. The current "Technical Assistance" will incorporate with "Administrative Capacity". A new operational program entitled "Science and Education for smart growth" which will be managed by the Ministry of Education will be started.