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On 07.09.2013, in Radomir municipality was held a briefing organized by the Regional Information Center - Pernik. The attendees at the meeting were informed about the latest information concerning the operational programs which Bulgaria will implement in the new 2014 -2020 programming period. Shared were the open procedures on a set of project proposals, as well as upcoming projects that are expected to start by the end of the year. The expert from the Information center - Vania Davidova made a report on the activities of the RIC - Pernik for the first half of 2013 and announced the forthcoming initiatives, which will include a network of information centers. "Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Ms. Zinaida Zlatanova launched a competition for a common logo and slogan of the Euro funds. The competition aims to create a visual identity for the new 2014-2020 programming period, which will be used by all operational programs. This will help to clear visibility in the public mind of a European Union contribution to our country", said Davidova. Proposals will be accepted in vector graphics format till October 1, 2013. The prize is determined: I-st place - 5000 BGN and a three-day trip to Brussels for 2 (winner and companion), II-nd - 3000 BGN and III-rd - 1000 BGN. There is also a prize of the audience of 500 BGN, which will be determined by voting on Facebook. Another initiative again involving Zinaida Zlatanova, which was held today in Sofia, was a public discussion entitled "Youth have a say". Invited to participate were youth organizations and initiative and creative young people who have the opportunity to be heard. The public discussion takes place a week after the European Council considered ways to allocate another 2 billion to the already set 6 billion euros of the total EU budget for measures relating to youth employment. The financial package is meant for the countries which have youth unemployment higher than 25%. For Bulgaria this percentage is 28.3% (for youth up to 24 years of age). It is planned that these funds are be spent at a great speed the first two years of the 2014-2020 programming period "initiative for youth employment" and must be fully completed and operational by January 2014, which will allow the release of the first means for the users. During the summer months an extensive surveys of beneficiaries, which will be held under the motto "Lessons Learned" will be conducted. The Goal of the initiative, which will be implemented throughout the whole country in the network of regional information centers is to identify bottlenecks at implementation of projects financed from EU funds are and to suggest ways to overcome them. Practice has shown that reinsurance of the administration and governing bodies has led to complication of procedures. The entire network of regional information centers for promotion of the cohesion policy of the European Union Bulgaria will seek proactively beneficiaries for all operational programs. After collection and analyses of the data roundtables will be organized, weaknesses in the implementation of projects will be outlined in order to propose working ideas to overcome them. All submitted proposals will be summarized and made available to the managing authorities of operational programs.