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Representatives of local authorities, municipalities, NGOs and citizens gathered in the hall of the "Prosveshtenie" community center - Breznik to get acquainted with the latest information concerning the 2014 - 2020 new programming period. "Over the past seven years, small municipalities despite the reduced staff, built a good administrative capacity and learned to use the mechanisms by EU funds" - said the expert in the RIC - Pernik, Vania Davidova. "Operational Programs enabled municipalities to compensate for the shortfall from their own budget and invest in infrastructure, energy renovation of buildings of public importance, to implement measures to combat unemployment, etc. And in the new programming period, the municipal administrations will be able to rely on EU funds to build on the achievements", she added. Mario Sarbinov - EU funds and projects expert presented before the audience up to date information on the new operational programs to be launched in 2014. "I cannot hide my bias towards "Human Resources" OP. "It allows us not only to increase employment, but also an opportunity for training and retraining of human capital to build upon knowledge by observing the principle for lifelong learning. This Operational Program will continue in the new programming period", he stressed. Participants in the forum were interested in the new "Science and Education for smart growth" Operational Program, which will focus on improving the quality of education, which in turn is a prerequisite for improved training of young people and their successful realization at the labor market.