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On 8 August 2013, in the village of Kovachevtsi was held a briefing, organized by the Regional Information Center - Pernik. The focus of the meeting was the new 2014 - 2020 programming period, during which Bulgaria will implement operational programs. Activities aimed at enhancing the skills, employment and promoting social inclusion will again be part of the "2014-2020 Human Resources Development" Operational Program. Integration of marginalized communities, providing social services and the creation of social enterprises will continue to be financed. In order to optimize the services provided by the administrative and judicial system to the current "Administrative Capacity" OP will be upgraded and combined with "Technical Assistance" OP under the new name of "Good governance". Educational institutions will be able to rely on funding from new for Bulgaria Program "Science and Education for smart growth". "Transport and transport infrastructure" OP and "Regions for Growth" OP will continue to support activities related to infrastructure and public works of the settlements. Business representatives will be able to rely on funding from the "Competitiveness and Innovation" OP which will support the development of the Bulgarian economy through measures to improve the quality and lower the cost of production, implementation of technologies with proven quality and energy efficiency. "Environment" OP will continue to fund projects aimed at the conservation of biodiversity, preservation of natural heritage, utilization of renewable energy and conservation cleanliness of rivers, dams and more. The experts from the Information center mentioned that at this point the texts of the operational programs are still in draft, but in the coming months they are expected to be finalized. The focus of the next briefing will be the regulations of the new programming period.