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The last informational event from the cycle „European money for the local communities in 2013" took place at the Municipality of Samuil. The meeting was hosted by the Public Community Centre "Hristo Botev 1925" reconstructed under the project with European funds and by the municipal administrative capital.   Mr Ahmed Mustafa, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Samuil welcomed the participants at the meeting and stated: "We joined in the European projects on the move. As the time passed we accumulated experience and we seek each opportunity to apply. Today we are at a site constructed and established using EU funds. You may see yourselves what nice design was applied to make this place appropriate to hold different events here". He addressed the DIP team with the words: "The information coming from you is useful to potential beneficiaries in the implementation of their project ideas. It is my hope that our collaboration will continue in the future".   The experts of the provincial point familiarised those present from the local authorities, the business community, the non-government sector, librarians from the network „Glob@l Libraries" and citizens with the current and due opportunities under the Operational Programmes until the end of this programming period. Emphasis was put on the need of wide participation locally in the course of preparation of the strategic documents and planning documents for the new 2014-2020 programming period.   At the setoff reception room following the event, Ms Behra Zyulkyar, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Samuil, shared: "The administration is largely aware of the active procedures under the Operational Programmes. It is a good idea that here on-the-spot your make this information reach many interested persons and it is also good that there is the opportunity to discuss practical issues".   The campaign „European money for the local communities" attracted nearly 160 participants in the seven Municipalities of the Razgrad Province. The open and the forthcoming (known at this stage) procedures until the end of the programming period 2007-2013 were presented. Furthermore, the initiatives were communicated of the Razgrad District Information Point and those of the network of 28 information points this year in relation to the preparation for the subsequent 2014-2020 programming period.

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