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The Municipality of Razgrad works out a project proposal entitled "Setting up modern urban environment, cultural, educational and social infrastructure in the town of Razgrad to guarantee integrated urban development" and will apply for with this under the Grant Scheme BG161PO001/5-02/2012 "Support for the Subsequent Programming Period", priority axis 5 „Technical Assistance „, operation 5.3 "Creating capacity of the beneficiaries of the RDOP". The local parliament in Razgrad agreed on this by deciding to include the investment project proposal in the integrated plan for urban regeneration and development (IPURD), with the intention of follow-up financing from the 2014-2020 Regions in Growth Operational Programme. The local councillors took the additional commitment to raise funds for the construction/reconstruction of the underground infrastructure in the scope of projects for the time until 2017. The Municipality of Razgrad will apply for with the specific project in the scope of the three impact areas in IPURD as adopted by decisions of the Razgrad Municipal Council and approved by the Head of the Managing Authority of the 2007-2013 Regional Development Operational Programme. The three priority zones for the development of Razgrad in the period until 2020 are as follows: 1. Zone with social nature: a residential area in the southern part of the town. 2. Zone with potential for economic development: the Perister business zone and other production grounds. 3. Zone of public functions with high public importance: the town park and the sports grounds to the northwest of the park. The impact areas were determined after public discussions, focus groups and sociological survey among the dwellers in the town.

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