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Another public discussion of the integrated plan for development of Razgrad until 2020 took place in the town. The event was attended by architects, designers, managers and experts from the local administration, local councillors, representatives of the business community, the non-government sector and citizens. Discussions were around the tens of received proposals of the local community for specific projects within the three impact areas in Razgrad: Zone of social nature, i.e. the residential zone in southern part of the town; Zone with potential for economic development: the Perister business zone and other production grounds; Zone of public functions with high public importance: the town park and the sports grounds to the northwest of the park. The Razgrad District Information Point was invited and took part in the public discussion through its expert Behice Ahmedova. She presented three project ideas of the Razgrad District Information Point to be included in the integrated plan: • Laying out a bicycle alley starting at the Northern City Park to be connected with the mixed bicycle alley/pedestrian walk laid out under the PHARE Programme and further to the Pchelina locality designed for leisure/sports/hiking activities; • Lay out and development of attractions along the Beli Lom river within the town's urbanised territory; • Ensuring an environment-friendly small train for dwellers, visitors and tourists in the town of Razgrad to cover the following route: cultural and historic heritage sites and local characteristic landmarks. In order to identify more ideas for projects, including opportunities to establish public-private partnerships (PPPs) for their implementation in the territory of the approved impact areas, the survey in Razgrad is going on. The plan for urban regeneration and development of Razgrad is being worked out under the project „Drawing up integrated plan for urban regeneration and development of the town of Razgrad to ensure sustainable, renovated and quality urban environment" financed from the 2007-2013 Regional Development Operational Programme.

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