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Soon will start the construction works within the framework of project "Setting up the appropriate and efficient social infrastructure for children and young people with disabilities in the town of Razgrad" financed under the Grant Scheme ВG161PO001/1.1-12/2011 "Support for deinstitutionalisation of social institutions, offering services for children at risk" within the scope of the Regional Development Operational Programme. The budget of those projects amounts to 1 780 497 BGN, while its implementation period is 24 months. Beneficiary is the Municipality of Razgrad.   According to the National Map of Planned Resident Care, through this Grant Scheme, the Municipality of Razgrad will establish two Family Type Accommodation Centres (FTAC). Each of these will have capacity of 12+2 beds. Also, a Protected Home will be instructed with capacity 8 beds. The appropriate equipment and furnishing will be supplied in relation to provision of resident social services providing care in environment close to family.   End beneficiaries of the results from projects will be the users of the opened residential services: 36 children and young people with disabilities, out of which 28 in the two FTACs and 8 in the protected Home.   25 new jobs for the staff providing the social services will be opened.   The Municipality of Razgrad has positive experience in terms of from improving the social infrastructure with EU funds. A project, which was successfully concluded in 2011 is the project "Repairs, renovation and equipment of social establishments for children and young people with disabilities in the town of Razgrad and village of Prostorno, the Municipality of Razgrad to support the integrated and sustainable local development" financed also from the 2007-2013 RDOP.

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