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The Petya Yordanova Central Municipal Library (CML) in Isperih started a new training of librarians and community centre employees from the Municipality of Isperih designed for them to be acknowledged the qualifications degree in the profession of Librarians. The training is financed under the Scheme "I Can More" within the scope of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme. It was realised by the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) at the "Modern Community Centres Association", jointly with the Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA) and the Petya Yordanova CML from the network "Glob@l Libraries".   The training has a curriculum of 960 hours and is delivered three days a week by qualified teachers. The successful auditors will receive a Certificate for 3rd degree of professional qualifications as Librarians, according to Ordinance No.4 concerning the documents within the system of the national education. Consequently, another 6 specialists in library matters from the community centres in the Municipality of Isperih will achieve new knowledge and skills to provide information and electronic services to the local community.   18 months of training following the same Scheme of the Operational Programme was over for other 8 local librarians. Earlier this March they successfully passed the State examination.   As a result of these trainings, in all community centre libraries from the Municipality of Isperih included in the network "Glob@l Libraries" will be employed specialists with qualifications matching modern requirements to delivery of electronic services.