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The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works conducted awareness-raising days in Razgrad under the project „Energy renovation of the Bulgarian homes" realised with the financial support of the 2007-2013 Regional Development Operational Programme co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. The goal is more citizens to familiarise themselves with the opportunities provided by the project. The amount of the grant for the owners of homes has been raised. Each multifamily building approved for financing may already receive gratuitously 75% of the value of the activities needed for its energy renovation. The technical examination, the technical dossier and the examination of the buildings are entirely covered by the projects. In the course of two days at the square in front of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Razgrad, an information spot was deployed. The interested public had the opportunity to be advised by experts of the MRDPW and the project manager for the North Central Region on the process of application under projects. Promotion and information material was offered, including the CD-R especially produced to that end by the Razgrad District Information Point and containing the electronic versions of the complete set of information and application documents. At the meeting with house managers from the town, the expert in the Housing Policy Directorate at the MRDPW, Mr Evgeni Sirakov, presented in details the conditions and the steps for application, and the eligible activities and expenditures financed under projects. Ms Zdravinka Stankova from the Housing Renovation Fund gave explanations on the credit granting conditions, whereby the owners of homes might ensure the required 25% deductibles from the budget for renovation. The house managers asked a great number of questions, detailed answers to which were given by Ms Yana Yakova from the project management unit and Mr Nikola Kibritev, representative of the project manager of DZZD N-Effect Consult Ruse. It became clear that there were three requests for interest and support submitted in Razgrad to date, and one of those had already been approved. An expert from the Razgrad District Information Point was present at the meeting. He confirmed DIP's commitments to go on providing information on the projects and to organise meetings with associations of owners with the participation of the project manager.