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In a special issue, the Razgrad District Information Point presents information on co-financed by the Structural and the Cohesion Funds (SCFs) projects at provincial level. The brochure contains data on successfully implemented and currently implemented projects in the territory of the Province during this programming period: 2007-2013. The booklet describes 23 projects, 18 of which have been concluded. 5 of these are in a process of implementation. They found their place in the issue as they are of major importance for the local community in the long-term run.   The financing the selected projects in The Ludogorie area was realised through the Operational Programmes "Regional development", "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy", "Development of human resources", "Administrative capacity", "Environment" and "Technical Assistance".   The positive effect from the project outcomes covers tens of thousands of inhabitants of the Razgrad Province. By using EU funds, the city environment was urbanised, with prominent aesthetics in the foreground; the cultural, educational and environmental infrastructure were much improved. Existing and newly created social, administrative and information services received their good development. The competitiveness of the business community in the region saw a good rise.   The popularisation of good practices from successful EU projects is amongst the priority activities of the Razgrad District Information Point.   An electronic version of the brochure may be downloaded here: http://eufunds.bg/document/5380 .

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