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This was discussed during the information meeting organised by the Razgrad District Information Point. Directors of directorates and heads of departments, managers and experts of project teams from the Municipal Administrations and the provincial administration, representatives of the business community, industry bodies and socio-economic partners, and of the non-government sector, they all discussed what is to be done during the subsequent programming period. Discussions also concerned the goals and the priorities in the last (known to date) versions of the strategic and programme documents for development of Bulgaria over the next 7 years. Particular attention was paid at the kinds of projects and activities, which will be able to get European financing under the new Operational Programmes.   The meeting was also interesting and useful for the participants from the perspective of the developed provincial strategy, municipal plans for development, and the Integrated plan for urban regeneration and development of Razgrad for the period until 2020. Until the end of September, all these documents will be further supplemented by measures and specific project ideas of high degree of realisation readiness, according to the local needs and particularities in the Municipalities. The goal is the already prepared documents to improve the beneficiaries' chances to successfully attract EU financing over the next years. The Razgrad District Information Point confirmed its commitment to regularly provide its support to all key participants and stakeholders in the processes of planning socio-the economic development at local and regional level, with updated and competently explained information on the new Operational Programmes and the relevant regulations for the purposes of their implementation.   The discussions regarding the timely and quality preparation for the new 2014-2020 programming period will continue in the territory of the Province. Until the end of 2013. The team of the Razgrad District Information Point will conduct a great number of awareness-raising events including the participation of a wide range of representatives of all Municipalities within the Razgrad Province.

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