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Starting from the month May 2012, in the territory of the Municipality of Razgrad is being implemented project BG051PO001-5.2.11-0001-C0001 "I Also Have a Family" under the Direct Grant Provision Scheme BG051PO001-5.2.11 "Foster Me" financed from the European Commission's European Social Fund through the 2007-2013 Human Resources Development Operational Programme.   The project is being implemented in partnership with other 81 Municipalities in the country, where the beneficiary is the Social Assistance Agency through the Child Protection Directorate. The project activities are being implemented following the amendments made to he Social Assistance Act entitling the mayors of Municipalities to provide the service Foster Care, to receive requests from applicants for foster parents and to be their employers.   The purpose of projects "I Also Have a Family" is to support the process of deinstitutionalisation of children by creating and implementing a sustainable model for development of foster family care for children accommodated in specialised institutions and of children in risk of abandonment.   The Municipality of Razgrad is implementing projects with the support and the collaboration of the Non-Commercial Association ZHANETA. The Non-Commercial Association is licensed by the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP) for the service "Foster Care" and is a social service supplier. A Project Management Team including an administrator and an accountant was formed at municipal level. As a result of a competition, a Foster Care Team was appointed, comprising two specialists providing the entire package of activities aimed at the applicants and foster families.   For the period May 2012-April 2013, the Municipality of Razgrad received 6 requests from applicants for foster parents. Five families participated in introductory and upgrading trainings organised by the Foster Care Team. By order of the Director of the Regional Social Assistance Directorate, 4 foster families were approved and entered the register of approved foster families. Three of these have accommodated 4 children, and the fourth family is a replacing foster care family.

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