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The deadline of provision of the social service "Personal Assistant" within the framework of project "Support for decent life" under the Grant Scheme BG051PO001-5.2.09 "Alternatives" of the 2007-2013 Development of human resources Operational Programme was prolonged, where the beneficiary is the Municipality of Razgrad.   In the territory of the Municipality the project is being implemented from 2011 and will continue until 15 April 2014, and providing the social service under it will be carried out for 37 months (until 15 January 2014).   The Scheme "Alternatives" within the scope of the 2007-2013 Development of human resources Operational Programme nationally is aimed at the application of a new approach to granting services in family environment through introduction of the principle "individual monthly budget" for the social service "Personal Assistant".   The goals of the project "Support for decent life" are focused on overcoming the social insulation of families where there are persons dependent on permanent care and put at risk of institutionalisation. For the persons with permanent disabilities there are opportunities to either alone (or through their legal representatives) to be entitled to individual budget to be used on the service, and to determine in what it is to be organised in time.   For the period from 10 January 2011 to 30 April 2013, the number of users of this service in the Municipality of Razgrad was 145, while the demand of personal assistance was equal to 161. They are employed under an individual plan including activities enhancing the life quality of the relevant user. By the end of April 2013, the number of individuals who had applied for to be users of Personal Assistants under projects was 55, while the number of trained Personal Assistants was 43.

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