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The Vasil Levski Primary School at the village of Sushevo, Municipality of Zavet concluded the activities under the project "Let's make school attractive to the young people" - School for Self-confirmation and Preparation for European Horizons (USPEH, the Bulgarian word for ‘success') financed from the Development of Human Resources Operative Programme 2007-2013 and co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund.   Within the framework of the projects, in the two membership clubs participated 18 schoolchildren from 5th to 8th class, and their lessons there lasted nearly seven months.   The children in the Archimedes Club were learning to deliver a presentation and to present maths with the help of various geometric figures. They wrote reports, solved conundrums, entertaining and logical tasks, tests and mathematical puzzles. in addition they also produced some carnival masks and objects in the shapes of different geometric figures.   The members of the Healthy Nutrition Club also learned how to deliver a presentation by presenting topics on the sports, water as a source of life, the useful and healthy foods and meals, the diets and the harms thereof. The members of that club wrote reports on how useful vegetables, milk and dairy products are in our everyday life and on issues concerning the obesity among children. The schoolchildren themselves prepared fruit or vegetable salads, sandwiches and healthy drinks.

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