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Conference of this topic was conducted by the Razgrad Provincial Administration at the Ostrovche Spa Complex. The event was organised within the framework of the project "Prosperity Mission" financed from the Administrative Capacity Operational Programme. The purpose of the project is improving the process of planning, drafting and application of policies in the region in partnership and co-ordination with all stakeholders. The number of participants who are representatives of the provincial and the Municipal Administrations from the North Central Region (NCR) and from the secretariat thereof was 60. The Project Manager, Mr Ivan Radushev, familiarised those present with the activities carried out and the outcomes achieved to date. He presented in its entirety the innovative model of strategic planning with the participation of all stakeholders applied under the project "Prosperity Mission". The Project Co-ordinator, Mr Svetlin Simeonov, presented the methodology of developing a socio-economic analysis of the Razgrad Province, which is among the basic activities of the project implementation. Reports on the topic, a model for generating ideas and policies for local and regional development through trainings in strategic planning, workshops of focus groups and round tables were presented by Professor, Dr of Economics, Mr Luchiyan Milkov from the UNWE, and Assistant Professor, Dr Svetlozar Vatsov from the Shumen University "Episkop Konstantin Preslavski". They shared their deductions and conclusions as moderators of the workshops and praised highly the expert potential of the employees from the provincial and Municipal Administrations who took part. In order to share and distribute good practice created under projects and the documents drawn up to spare human and financial resource to the remaining Municipalities, all participants were given material including a separate booklet containing the Socio-economic analysis of the Razgrad Province and detailed statistical reports and research preceding its working out. The representatives of the provincial and Municipal Administrations expressed opinions that proposals of a planning model would be quite useful during the development of the provincial strategies and on the municipal development plans for the subsequent planning period 2014-2020. It would be easy to apply, it would not require any large financial resource and at the same time it would expand significantly the participation of both the directly interested parties and of the parties in charge of the planning. The conference contributed to the multiplication of the effect and to the dissemination in the entire North Central Region of the good practices applied during the implementation of the projects. What had been achieved enhances the dialogue between the Municipalities and the Razgrad Provincial Administration toward real partnership and efficient interaction between the employees in the institutions in charge of the planning.

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