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Another project, which is being implemented in the provincial town, is "Enhancing the energy efficiency in the educational infrastructure of the Municipality of Razgrad concomitant with the sustainable development" co-financed by the 2007-2013 Regional Development Operational Programme.   The sites where there will be interventions under projects are the Razgrad schools the Professional High School in Chemical Technology and Biotechnology "Marie Curie", the Secondary Comprehensive School "Hristo Botev", the Sports School, the Primary Comprehensive School "Nikola Ikonomov", the Primary Comprehensive School "Otec Paisiy", the Primary Comprehensive School "I. S. Turgenev" and the Primary Comprehensive School "G. S. Rakovski" in the village of Rakovski. Energy-saving technology is up to be adopted there: replacing the woodwork, heat insulation of walls, roof and floors, replacements of boilers and automatic management of the boiling unit, regulation of fixtures, and introduction of energy-saving lighting.   Heat insulation activities of part of the school buildings have already started. The expectations are that the construction works should end in the early days of September so the new school year 2013/2014 might start in normal conditions.   Once the activities under projects have been completed the environment, in which school lessons will take place will change for 2 300 schoolchildren, the teachers and other personnel at the schools. The risks for children's health will decrease and favourable conditions will be created for the efficiency of the teaching process.   The budget of the project underway amounts to 4 678 198 BGN, out of which 3 976 468 BGN is the grant part, and 701 729 BGN is the own participation of the Municipality of Razgrad.   In order ensure funds for current payments under projects, the beneficiary will apply for before the specialised Fund FLAG for a long-term credit amounting up to 3 mln Bulgarian leva where the redemption period is 24 months. It is provided that the debt will be secured by establishing a lien on the receivables under the grant contracts and over Municipality's own revenues.

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