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The Razgrad District Information Point (DIP) reported its activity over the first six months of the year at a meeting with representatives of the local, regional and national media.   Talking to the journalists, the DIP team delivered an overall retailed review of what had been done up to date. The number of awareness-raising events carried out so far is 21 with 567 people having participated in them, while the number of visitors at the office located at 34 Bulgaria blvd.: citizens, organisations and companies is 421. They were provided answers to 455 questions. For the period January-June 2013, the activity of the provincial point was covered in over 190 publications in the printed and electronic media.   The forthcoming events of the Razgrad DIP until the end of 2013 were communicated as listed below: Presentation of the procedure "Technological modernisation in small and medium enterprises" under the Competitiveness Operative Programme, which is expected to be open for application with projects until mid July; the discussion forum "Good practices from implemented projects in the Ludogorie area co-financed by the EU Structural and the Cohesion Funds in the period 2007-2013"; the second mass event for the public at large "Days of Europe in Razgrad"; a campaign for promotion of the preparation for the new 2014-2020 programming period in all Municipalities from the Razgrad Province.   Furthermore, the forthcoming joint initiatives of the network of 28 information points in Bulgaria until the end of the year were also announced, among which the National Student's Creative Essay Competition where the topic was "I know about the EU funds".

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