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The integrated Isperih water cycle project will be implemented within a period of 21 months. The investment totals 47 768 510 Bulgarian leva, where 77,46% of these is the share of the grant from EU Funds, while 19,37% comes as national co-financing. Beneficiary's, i.e. Municipality of Isperih's own participation is 3,17%.   It is provided for stage-by-stage laying of polypropylene and glass-fibre reinforced plastic pipes of sewerage network measuring a total length of 46 kilometres. The network will cover virtually all town dwellers, whose number is around 12 000. At present sewerage services are accessible to just over one fifth of those.   The existing obsolete and redeemed main water network in the town of Isperih measures 55 km of length. Of that, the length to be replaced consists of mains that are nearly 11 km long and also 5 km of supplementary main water network. The expectations are that the loss of potable water, which now is 57%, to drop threefold.   The wastewater treatment plant will expand and modernise through introducing a bio-stage.   The contractor of the project activities informed that around 120 jobs would be opened. People from the region would be hired to perform non-specialised activities.