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Organising a two-day forum "Peer Review of Good Practices", the provincial administration celebrated the last stage of the project "European lessons" financed within the scope of the 2007-2013 Administrative Capacity Operational Programme. Managers and employees in regional and local institutions, secretaries of Municipalities in the Province, experts in human resources and the Razgrad District Information Point, citizens and journalists took part. Special visitors were representatives of the partners under the project: the Marche Region in Italy and Departement Charente-Maritime, France.   The forum was opened by the Province Governor of Razgrad, Mr Stoyan Nenchev, and the Project Manager Angel Такев. Following some short greetings, they pointed out that the joint efforts with the European partners had contributed to the development of the local administration through learning and introducing new practices derived from the introduction of working European models in its activity.   The activities implemented under the project and the achieved outcomes were presented, among which is the drafted Human Resources Development Strategy in the Razgrad Provincial Administration. This was done by Prof. Maria Andreeva, DSc, and Assistance Professor, Mr Todor Todorov from the D.A. Tsenov University of Economics in Svishtov, with the participation of experts from the two partner administrations.   It became clear that a study and introduction of good practice of Italy was carried out in mainstreaming the approach in management of human resources. Experience was borrowed from France in the sphere of motivation and achievement of ethics and integrity of employees, and the fair distribution of financial resources for them through "gender budgeting". It was reported that a pilot model of the Diogenes System for testing of the legal conscience of employees in the administration had already been set up and tested. Some other good practices applied in the two European administrations, and their transferred experience in our provincial administration, were also mentioned.   The "European Lessons" Project has a budget of 362 327 Bulgarian leva and started in March 2012. The goals of that project are: improving State Administration's work, quality servicing of citizens and business community and creating conditions for economic growth and employment. The main target groups are the employees in the Razgrad Provincial Administration and those of the seven Municipalities in the Province. At the end of this August a conclusive conference for presentation of the project results is due to be held whereby the project is to be definitively finalised.