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As of 1 July 2013, students from the Robert Schuman Professional High School of Economics in Razgrad have had their practical trainings within the framework of project "Student's Practices" under the 2007-2013 Human Resources Development Operational Programme. The project is a good chance for successful professional fulfilment of young people on the labour market in Bulgaria by facilitating the transition from the educational institutions to the workplace.   Five pupils from the speciality "Production of gastrology products and drinks", chefs at the Robert Schuman Professional High School of Economics received letters of commendation after the students finished their practical trainings. Their practical qualifications course was conducted at the kitchens of the Day Centre for People with Dementia", at the Youth House bistro and at the Zvezditsa nursery school, all of them located in the town of Razgrad. The people there said they were thrilled to have had those students and explained that from the very beginning of the practical trainings they were very impressed by the schoolchildren who had worked at their premises. The schoolchildren had put their energy and young strength, so they gave them their cordial thanks.   Ms Dotska Stefanovа, Headmaster of the High School of Economics in the town said that it was thanks to that project that a total of 29 schoolchildren proved to be successful in their practical trainings. Of these 22 had passed apprenticeship courses to be accountants and 7 in cookery.