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 ‘Ruse е amongst the good examples in the process of deinstitutionalisation and foster care', was the statement of the chairperson of the State Agency for Child Protection, Mr. Kalin Kamenov, at a meeting organised by the Ruse District Information Point in partnership with the Support Project. Over the last year alone, around 1200 children were adopted both in Bulgaria and abroad, while 1500 found their foster parents, Mr. Kamenov added. The activity of the Ruse District Information Point and the challenges in the new programming period in the area of social activities were presented by Ms. Gergana Ilieva, expert in Communication and Information. The Director of the Health and Social activities Directorate at the Municipality of Ruse, Ms. Mariela Licheva commented that since the start of 2013, 6 Ruse born babies had gone from the Ruse Maternity Hospital right to foster families. Expanding the capacity of the Family Type Accommodation Centres in the region is one of the steps to take children away from institutions, Ms. Tatyana Doncheva, Director of Social Assistance Directorate in Ruse, said. The coordination and collaboration between the institutions had given the chance to 15 children from the Province of Ruse to go to live in family environment. The Municipality of Byala has received 13 requests submitted by would-be foster parents, out of whom 8 were approved, while 6 children already have their families. The number of requests collected in the Municipality of Ruse is 24. There are 11 approved foster families, and they raise a total of 9 children. Children aged 3-14 are the most frequently raised in foster families, while nationwide their number is 289. There are very few people however, who would agree to take care of teenagers brought up in homes for abandoned children. In Bulgaria, there are as few as 8 children aged 14-18 nationwide, who have their foster parents as it became clear from the presentation of Mr. Milen Gechovski, the manager of the project "I Also Have a Family".

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