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Representatives of small and medium enterprises from the Province of Sliven familiarised themselves with the current opportunities for application under the Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" 2007-2013 at today's meeting organised by the District Information Point. To date, two procedures are open under the Operational Programme: "Energy Efficiency and Green Economy" and "Adopting Innovations in Enterprises", which make it possible for the companies to make investments to support their ideas. The interest of those present was toward the procedure "Adopting Innovations in Enterprises", whose purpose is enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises through provision of support for adopting innovative products (goods or services) and processes with potential for successful marketing. All applicants may submit their project proposals by 10 July 2013 the latest. It became clear that another procedure would start in the second quarter of 2013, which is also attractive for the business community: "Technological Modernisation in Small and Medium Enterprises", where the eligible activities will be in two directions: element "Investments in Fixed Tangible/Intangible Assets" and element "Services". The amendment to the relevant regulations related to the selection of contractors by beneficiaries when preparing projects under the Operational Programmes, was also put to discussion. The participants of the meeting shared their own experience in drafting and implementation of projects, identifying funding and provision of funds as a difficulty they face in their work. All present however shared the opinion that the implementation of projects under the European programmes is important and benign for the development of their businesses. Furthermore, they familiarised themselves with some good practices of successfully concluded projects of companies under the Operational Programme „Competitiveness" in the territory of the Province.  

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