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The final round table on the project "New opportunities for fulfilment of young people with disabilities on the labour market" implemented by the Association for Psychosocial Support and Personality Development took place on 25 July 2013 in hall 247 of the Municipality of Smolyan. The event was attended by many and different non-governmental organisations working with young people, by representatives of State institutions, here included the Smolyan Labour Office, the Smolyan branch of the Social Assistance Agency, the Smolyan branch of the National Statistical Institute, representatives of the business community in the town of Smolyan, and experts from the Municipality of Smolyan handling youth initiatives and programmes and citizens with active position in social issues. The project addresses the issue of improving the competitiveness of young people with disabilities in terms of their more efficient social inclusion and fulfilment on the labour market. The activities under the projects are aimed at learning and upgrading key competences by young people. In addition, this initiative directs young people with disabilities to using more opportunities within the framework of the financing from the European Union for acquirement and improving key competencies, in order to achieve better placement on the labour market. An expert from the team of the District Information Point in Smolyan presented information on the legal framework at national and European levels regarding the rights and opportunities that may be applied and used by young people with disabilities, and a wealth of existing opportunities for financing a variety of youth initiatives. Another main target of the meeting was sharing good practices within the framework of various initiatives in the territory of the Province of Smolyan. Therefore, interest was provoked by the shared results from the project „Job Creation through Social Entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Rudozem" financed under the Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development" and co-financed by the European Commission"s European Social Fund, which was presented by the Project Manager, Ms Malinka Georgieva. Another issue of discussion were the ways how Bulgaria and EU would tackle and cope with youth unemployment among young people with disabilities and the effective national and European mechanisms for a permanent solution of that problem. An important result of the activities under the project is the created "Catalogue of Opportunities", which is active advertising of young people covered by the project addressed to representatives of the business community from the Province of Smolyan. This is how their future fulfilment on the labour market will be assisted. As a result of the round table and following a serious and reasonable dialogue between the participants, consensus was achieved as to the future active efforts to contribute to the minimisation of unemployment among young people with disabilities and to the defence of their fitting and equal place in society.  

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