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On 10 and 11 July 2013, the District Information Point (DIP) in Smolyan conducted two seminars whose topic agenda was, ‘Good practices from Bulgaria, Poland and Latvia in the implementation of projects financed within the scope of the Structural and the Cohesion Funds'. Those seminars took place in Dospat and Zlatograd, respectively, and the people who participated there were representatives of the Municipal Administration, not-for-profit sector, business and natural persons from the Municipalities of Dospat, Borino, Zlatograd and Nedelino. The main purpose of the events was to give an answer to the urgent need of more informal meetings, which are supposed to help the development of the partnerships and to stimulate the exchange of good ideas in the territory of the Province of Smolyan. Representatives of the Smolyan DIP shared good experience under EU funded projects of beneficiaries from Bulgaria, Poland and Latvia, among which those most interest-inducing for the participants were the projects for the modernisation of the Chopin Museum and the establishment of a Copernicus Scientific Centre in Warsaw, the project for monitoring of public transport and the transformation of an abandoned warehouse into a Modern Art Museum in Łódź (Poland). As to the Bulgarian good practices, those present saw some good ideas in the project for modernisation of the enterprises under the Competitiveness Operational Programme, but the highest was the interest to the project for an electronic school for parents from the Province of Lovech financed within the scope of the Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development'. The people from Dospat hosting the seminar, in turn, presented their successful experience in conformity with the project financed under the Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development': "Let's Be Better through Knowledge, Songs and Dances", while in Zlatograd the participants in the seminar familiarised themselves with an infrastructural project under the Operational Programme ‘Regional Development' entitled "Construction of a river bank wall, correction of the left bank of the Varbitsa river from axe point 970 to 977 along Bulgaria blvd. and cleansing the river bed".  

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