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25.07.2013 At a meeting conducted at the office of the Stara Zagora DIP with the participation of the Head of team of the Project Manager Ms Sevdalina Dzhabarska, Engineer, it became clear that the first building in the Southeast Planning Region to have signed an agreement under the project "Energy Renovation of Bulgarian Homes" is located in Stara Zagora. It is situated near the Ayazmoto park, in 190 Sveta Troitsa Street. Some of these days, agreements are expected to be signed on another two buildings in the city, for which the preliminary budgets are ready. The project „Energy Renovation of Bulgarian Homes" started in July 2012 and at this stage, if the Southeast Planning Region is concerned, more than 30 statements of interest were submitted, and for Stara Zagora proper their number is 11. The gratuitously financing under the project's share is 75% of the value of the entire investment for the respective home. The possible measures, which are eligible under the project, are: replacement of windows, isolation of walls and roof, reconstruction and modernisation of common heating installations, etc. 100% is the disbursement share in the case of expenditures on technical inspection of the building, drawing up a technical passport and energy efficiency engineering survey. The Project Manager helps the associations of the owners in the entire process and free of charge from providing documents for applying for under the project and until the construction works in the residential building have been accepted. As to Stara Zagora, the selected Project Manager is Energy Saving OOD, whose manager and team head is Ms Sevdalina Dzhabarska, Engineer. The entire set of documents may be downloaded online from the MRD website at http://www.mrrb.government.bg/?controller=category&catid=5 or at the office of the Project Manager Energy Saving OOD, Stara Zagora, 6-16 William Gladston, office 3, phone 042 600 955.  

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