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As of July 2013, 15 new projects were registered for the Province of Yambol according to the Unified Management Information System (UMIS) data. The total value of the new contracts is BGN 1,69 mln. One of the projects comes under the Administrative Capacity Operational Programme and the others are signed under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme. The projects contractors under the Human Resources Development OP are companies from the Province and the projects are aimed at two areas: "Encouraging the Start of Independent Economic Activity Development Projects" - Component 2" and "Safe Labour". The European money will finance unemployed persons with clear idea for starting a business through the use of specialised trainings and services which lack initial capital for starting their own business. The second Scheme is aimed at improving of the working conditions in the enterprises by complying with the provisions and the requirements of the health and safety at work legislation. This effort will be instrumental to adapting of the managing processes in the enterprises to a new approach in the regulation and labour rate setting as well as setting up a modern system of labour standards. "Improving the professional skills and qualifications of the employees in the Provincial Administration-Yambol" is the title of the project of the Provincial Administration-Yambol amounting to BGN 57 182,49 and financed under the Administrative Capacity Operational Programme.