The Municipality of Cnerven Bryag will strengthen landslides with OP Environment funding

The Minister of Environment and Water Mr. Neno Dimov and The Mayor of Cherven Bryag Municipality Mrs. Verginia Vassileva have signed an agreement for prevention and strengthening of the areas where massive landslides occur. The execution of the project will prevent landslide and increase the protection the life and the health of more than 50,000 people.

The activities include the construction of fortifications against landslides that pose a serious risk to the population in residential buildings in neighborhoods 41, 43 and 44 under the Cherven Bryag city plan. A large part of the buildings is situated within the scope of an old periodically active landslide №14.8050.01 and suffer significant structural violations of integrity due to landslides.

In the landslide zone there is a danger of interruption of a section of the Republic Road III-3006, which is a serious threat for the passing vehicles. The project includes the implementation of geo-protective and reinforcement measures by constructing drainage reinforcement and ribs that run throughout the landslide as well as power structures located above and below the road. It is envisaged to build a Control and Measurement System in addition to the existing landslide monitoring Nos. PVN37.80501.01.01 and PVN37.80501.01.02.

The total amount of the investment is BGN 9 097 095. The Operational Programme Environment 2014-2020 provides the amount of BGN 9 061 335. The project implementation period is 24 months.