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6400 students competed in the Green Olympics Campaign campaign on a national scale. Participants from more than 25 schools responded to nature conservation issues and won prizes provided by the Operational Programme Environment .

This year the online platform has registered 5000 participants. 1400 students from Kyustendil, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad and Pleven competed in eco quizzes and answered questions about the conservation of nature.

This is the first project with a beneficiary Water Supply and Sewerage Operator financed under OP "Environment 2014-2020"

The Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov and the manager of "Water Supply and Sewerage" Ltd. - Smolyan Eng. Marian Nikolov signed a contract for the integrated water project of Smolyan agglomeration. This is the first project with a water utility beneficiary, financed under OP "Environment 2014-2020".

The Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov and the mayors of Haskovo Dobri Belivanov and Gorna Oryahovitsa Dobromir Dobrev signed contracts for updating the municipal programs for improving the quality of the ambient air.

The projects include updating the municipal ambient air programs over five years period (2021-2025). The programs will be addressing the main sources of air pollution in the two municipalities. The focus is on selecting adequate measures to reduce particulate matter pollution to local conditions.

The facilities will serve over 17,000 inhabitants

Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov today signed a contract for the construction of waste treatment facilities for the municipalities of Elhovo and Bolyarovo. The project includes a composting plant with a capacity of 4000 tons per year and a pre-treatment plant with a capacity of 1600 tons per year.

At the thirteenth meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the OP "Environment", Methodologies and Criteria for three new Program Procedures were adopted in the sectors "Waste" and "Natura 2000 and Biodiversity".

The team of the Operational Programme "Environment 2014-2020" (OPE) at the Ministry of Environment and Water in Bulgaria started a 3D Video Mapping Campaign, which presents in an attractive way the significance of the measures implemented under the programme. Beautiful animations recreate a true spectacle, a combination of love for nature and the mastery of technological art. The creative project tells about the path of water and beauty and diversity in nature throughout. This is the first campaign of this magnitude implemented by the OP Environment.

Municipalities to start work on the transition to a circular economy and adaptation to climate change, Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov called on "European, national and local priorities" forum within the 32 rd General Assembly of the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria. He pointed out that this will be the main priorities in the new programming period of the Operational Program "Environment" (OPE). The idea of ​​a circular economy is to utilize as much waste as possible by turning it into raw material or energy and minimizing the amount of landfilled waste.

The Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov and the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Eng. Daniel Panov signed a contract for updating the municipal air quality program.

The aim of the new program is to define and plan adequate measures to reduce emissions and achieve the established  fine dust particles standards in the air on the territory of the municipality.

The total amount of the investment is over 180 000 BGN, provided by the Operational Programme "Environment 2014-2020". The implementation deadline is 18 months.

55 concluded contracts in 2018 with investments of BGN 850 million

"The signed contracts under Operational Program" Environment 2014-2020 "(OPE) since the beginning of the programming period have so far been over BGN 1.6 billion, which represents nearly 50% of the program's resource," sad the Minister of the Environment Environment and Water Neno Dimov during the annual information event of the program on Monday evening.

Circular economy and air cleanliness with emphasis on electromobility will be a priority in the preparation of the next programming period of Operational Programme Environment (OPE). This was announced by the Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov to the deputies from the National Assembly's Environment and Water Committee at an external meeting in Bansko, organized by the Committee Chairman Ivelina Vassileva. The Minister briefed the Commission on the progress of the implementation of the 2014-2020 OPE and on the preparation of the next programming period.