Three bat spieces in Kardzhali will be protected under OPE funding

The Minister of Environment and Water Mr. Neno Dimov signed an agreement for the conservation of three bat species in Kardzhali. The event was attended by the mayor of the municipality Mr. Hassan Ismail and Mr. Latif Rasim - chairman of the board of the Stambolovo-Kardzhali Local Initiative Group (LAG) 54.

The project is aimed at researching and improving the condition of Rhinolophusmehelyi, Barbastellabarbastellus and Myotisbechsteinii. Studies on the dissemination of species in breeding colonies and wintering sites, mapping of habitats and nature conservation activities are envisaged - setting up shelters, marking and storing biotopic trees, etc.

The project includes information meetings and an educational campaign among students to attract volunteers to participate in the research.

As a result of the project implementation, up-to-date information on the status of the three bat species will be collected and analyzed and conditions for their conservation will be created. The aim is to increase the awareness of the community in regard of the conservation of bats as an important part of biodiversity.

The investment is BGN 187 000 and is fully funded by the Operational Programme "Environment 2014-2020". The implementation period is 36 months.