Elhovo and Bolyarovo will build waste treatment plants

The facilities will serve over 17,000 inhabitants

Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov today signed a contract for the construction of waste treatment facilities for the municipalities of Elhovo and Bolyarovo. The project includes a composting plant with a capacity of 4000 tons per year and a pre-treatment plant with a capacity of 1600 tons per year.

So far both municipalities have no facilities for pre-treatment of municipal waste and for recycling by composting green and biodegradable waste. With the successful implementation of the project will be built the necessary infrastructure for environmentally sound waste management on the territory of Elhovo and Bolyarovo. This will improve the quality of the environment for the people in the municipalities. The facilities will serve over 17,000 inhabitants.

The total amount of the investment is over BGN 9.7 million. The Operational Program "Environment 2014-2020" provides grants amounting to more than 7.2 million BGN. The implementation period of the project is 30 months.