Irregularities under OP Environment 2014-2020

Here you can submit your signal for irregularities or suspicion of such.

Every person has the right to submit notice of irregularities and frauds occurred in connection with the implementation of projects and programmes financed by EU funds. The signals may concern technical, financial and administrative irregularities.

You can find the definition of irregularities and frauds HERE.

An officer and his deputy responsible for combating fraud and irregularities are designated in the Managing Authority of OP Environment 2014-2020 in pursuance of Decree № 18 of February 4, 2003 on the establishment of a Council for coordination in the fight against infringement affecting the financial interests of the European Communities. These officers will review the signals received under the operational programme. The signals will be checked and if check confirms their credibility the necessary measures will be taken and the procedure for reporting and registration of irregularities will be launched. The identity of the sender of the signal will not be disclosed.

When sending your signal, please describe the noted irregularity in details.

Only signals related to the implementation of projects under OP Environment or the overall management of the programme will be checked.

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