Full name of the project

Preparation of project: Road I-1 (E-79) Vidin-Montana-Vratsa



European Regional Development Fund

Operational programme

Transport and transport infrastructure 2014-2020




North WestDistrict, Vidin, Montana, Vratsa District

Short description of the project

The project aims to ensure full design readiness for the modernisation of the four road sections: Vidin-Dimovo, Dimovo Bela-Ruzhintsi, Rhoria — Montana and Montana Vratsa Montana, approximately 125 km in length overall, as part of the Trans-European Transport Corridor ‘Orient/East-Med’.

Description of the project and objectives

The project route was launched at the end of the Danube bridge 2 infrastructure and at the end of the launch of the Vratsa border. The project involves modernising the existing road, building blocks of localities, crossings at two levels and including and separating through interchanges. Currently, E-79 is running on a variable gauge, sections in a different operational state and a route through built-up areas. The listed facts lead to erratic low speed, congestion, accidents, negative environmental impacts, which do not meet the road requirements of the core Trans-European Transport Network under Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013.

The purpose of this project proposal is to ensure the full design readiness of the four sections: Vidin-Dimovo, Dimovo Bela-Ruzhintsi, Rhoria — Montana and Montana — Vratsa with an overall length of about 125 km. The technical parameters of the road are the following: design speed of 120 km/h; road gauge G28 and road surface load 11.5 t/axle. The implementation of the project involves: design — ideal and technical design, draft environmental impact assessment (EIA) report, preparation of the integrated report on conformity assessment and technical control of the Structural and environmental management of OS, preparation of environmental management plans and environmental monitoring of CS, audit of the road safety of the conceptual and technical design, preparation of a construction waste management plan, implementation of information and publicity measures and project management.

The main objective  of this project is to carry out the preparatory activities necessary to launch the “Vidin — Montana — Vratsa” project in order to achieve a successful implementation of the investment project, which will in turn enable the concept of a competitive and sustainable transport system to be realised, achieve the desired sustainable mobility of people and goods, promote the development of the Community’s internal market, territorial, economic and social cohesion, public welfare, safety and security for European citizens.

The specific objective of this project is to draft documents aimed at the effective preparation, implementation, monitoring, control, evaluation and promotion of transport investments.

Results expected, achievements

  • conceptual and technical project for sections: “Vidin — Dimovo” and “Dimovo — Byala — Ruzhintzi”
  • developed conceptual and technical projects for sections: ‘Ruzhentsi — Montana’ and ‘Montana — Vratsa’
  • an EIA Report and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report/EIA Decisions issued and the assessment of compatibility with the nature and objectives of the conservation of the protected areas;
  • a archaeological search carried out on the ground was carried out;
  • road safety audits carried out;
  • an environmental management plan prepared;
  • a plan for the environmental monitoring of the environment has been drawn up;
  • a development plan for the management of construction waste;
  • prepared complex reports for the assessment of conformity with the essential requirements for construction works and technical control of the construction of investment projects for the four blocks: “Vidin — Dimovo” and “Dimovo — Béla — Ruzhintzi”, “Ruzhentsi — Montana” and “Montana — Vratsa”

Project Budget

in BGN

Total cost of the project — BGN 2 774 352,12;

Total value of expenditure eligible under OPTTI — BGN 2 652 851.96

% EU Contribution

85 %



in BGN

2 254 924,17



in BGN

397 927,79

Own funds


121 500,16

Start Date


28.10.2016 (date of grant agreement)

End Date

31.01.2021 (deadline for grant agreement)




Road Infrastructure Agency


of the beneficiary

Address: 1606 Sofia, 3 Macedonia Blvd, phone.: 02/91 73 248, 02/91 73 246; fax. 02/986 6958, 02/988 8132

Chairman of the Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency — Georgi Terziiski

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