Design and construction of technical systems for risk prevention and security of the sea ports (RPSSP)

Full name of the project

Design and construction of technical systems for risk prevention and security of the sea ports (RPSSP)


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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Operational programme

Operational Programme “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014-2020


Republic of Bulgaria


Varna, Burgas and Sofia

Short description of the project 

The project aims to protect important public interests in protecting and preventing the risk of critical infrastructure, transport security and supply chains on countering hybrid threats.

Description of the project and objectives

The project provides design, supply of equipment and construction of security, integration and visualisation systems in the area of public transport terminals of national importance ‘Varna-East’, ‘Varna-West’ and ‘Burgas East 1’ as part of the measures necessary to suppress the risk potential and to improve the scope for providing operational security.

Primary video tools, including high technology thermal cameras and cameras with integrated analytical development, association of primary funds into technical security complexes, communication services for the transfer of primary information to operational centres for monitoring and management, and the resourcing of storage centres, analytical post-processing and analysis, are delivered.

The need for technological improvement and the provision of a quality new service level in the area of the seaports of the Republic of Bulgaria shall place in front of the PSC a set of tasks, the main one being to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the activities and processes. In order to ensure sustainability, it is crucial to develop the potential for preventing risky events and defining clear principles and technological preconditions for the development of security and control systems in maritime ports.

An additional focus to this priority is also the current geopolitical and regional risk environment, which influences the current system of threats, and redefining the emerging need for a technological modernisation of the integrated technical complex for security and risk prevention systems.

Main objective: To improve governance and achieve sustainable quality of business processes in the maritime ports of the Republic of Bulgaria through the modernisation of security systems and technologies. Create conditions for developing a sustainable and competitive environment for an efficient marine business with a measurable level of risk and security for people and freight.


Specific objectives  of the project:

  • Achieving a new level of prevention of the system of threats identified by the current audit and the risk potential accumulated by the system as a result of this system;
  • The development of technical infrastructure to ensure compliance with standards introduced by Regulation No RD 02-20-6 of 19.12.2016 on technical requirements for physical security of construction works and standards related to this regulation;
  • Base an integrated approach, in the long term, on an integrated approach to risk monitoring and prevention, protection of property and securing a sustainable environment for the development of site-specific business processes within the scope of DPIs;
  • Improving transport governance through the deployment of innovative systems.


Results, achievements, impact

The implementation of the project has resulted in the expansion of the Integrated Security and Control Areas in the maritime areas of the Republic of Bulgaria through the establishment of two command and control operational centres for the monitoring and management of the complex of technical systems linked by the platform for integrated analytical primary information, prevention and sustainable inhibition of risk potential.

The advanced computer technical security systems of the port terminals ‘Varna-East’, ‘Varna-West’ and ‘Burgas East 1’ allow continuous video surveillance as part of the measures needed to suppress the risk potential and to improve the possibilities of providing them with operational security.

A communication line has been set up between the CRKC and DG BOP video-surveillance systems, granting access to the newly constructed video surveillance systems at the three port terminal of staff of DG RAB.

Project Budget

in BGN

7 231 917,60

% EU Contribution

71.17 %



in BGN

5 147 258,30



in BGN

908 339,70

Own funds

1 176 319,60

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 phone.: 02/807 99; fax: 02/807 99 66


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