Rehabilitation of Railway line Plovdiv-Burgas, Phase 2

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Rehabilitation of Plovdiv — Burgas railway line, Phase 2



Cohesion Fund

Operational programme

OPTTI 2014-2020




South East and South Central Region

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The project is related to the rehabilitation of rail sections along the Plovdiv — Burgas line, which will improve the quality of the railway network, increase the running speeds in the repaired sections, ensure higher levels of safety and security, reduce transport costs.








Description of the project and objectives

The Plovdiv-Burgas railway line is a priority for the national rail system and its rehabilitation will contribute to improving the quality of services offered and reducing transport costs. Increased speed and better quality of services will help to increase the competitiveness of rail transport compared to other types of transport.

The implementation of the project will be rehabilitated and not yet updated  rail sections along the Plovdiv-Burgas line will be modernized. This includes several core activities:

  • Design and construction of signalling and telecommunications systems on the Plovdiv-Burgas railway line:Building an alarm in 18 stations; ETCS level 1 train control system; forward dispatch system in the Manole-Burgas section; GSM-R train communication system, and fibre optic cable.
  • Construction of the Plovdiv — Burgas railway overpasses/subway at the location of existing level crossings and the construction of crossings;
  • The construction of a protected forest belt at the Chernograd-Aytos Interstation for the protection of the track from adverse weather;
  • Rehabilitation of railway section Skutare-Orizovo:The renewal of a railway road, the reconstruction of bridges, the renewal of an existing contact line and of signalling in stations;
  • Modernisation of Orizovo — Mihaylovo railway:The renewal and construction of the rail track and the contact line, the reconstruction of bridges, the construction of the tunnel, the modernisation of the HGV Chirpan, the level crossing, the construction of crossings and the renewal of signs in stations;
  • Modernisation of the Yambol railway section — Zimnitsa at the railway station: railway construction, including the railway station of Zavoy, the building of bridges, the renewal and the setting up of a new contact line;
  • Reconstruction of the sagittal development of the Winter station and the rehabilitation of the contact line in the Zimnitsa and Straldzha station: renewal of a railway road, a reconstructed track in the Zimnitsa station, the renewal of the contact line at the Zimnitsa station, the renewal of the contact line at the Winter and Straldzha station, and renewed signposting in the Zimnitza station;
  • Rehabilitation of Straldzha railway section — Tserkovski:Track renewal.

The main objective of the project is to achieve the characteristics of the rail infrastructure in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1315/2013 for the Trans-European Transport Network as well as the needs of transport users for efficient transport.

The specific objective of the project is to improve the quality of the Plovdiv — Burgas railway line and to attract more traffic to rail transport by:

  • reduction of travel time by route of rehabilitation and upgrading of line-line Plovdiv-Burgas with an increase in speed of up to 130 km/h in  case of districts — Ortozovo and Straldzha — Tserkovski — 160 km/h for the sections Oriovo-Mihailov and Yambol — Zimnitsa as well as the abolition of crossings at the same level;
  • reduction of the operating costs of the service providers with the removal of crossings at the same level, the renewal of the contact line at the Zimnitsa station and the reconstruction of the shooting development at the Zimnitsa station;
  • shifting freight from road to rail transport with benefits for passengers and the community by reducing costs and attracting new traffic to rail transport as a result of increasing speed in rehabilitated and upgraded railway areas;
  • to increase the safety of traffic due to the construction of the trackside ERTMS between Plovdiv and Burgas.

The full realisation of the rehabilitation of the railway section Plovdiv — Burgas will achieve an increase in the capacity of the infrastructure by improving the operational parameters and introducing modern methods of train movement control, reducing the cost of the work carried out on the railway network by reducing the energy intensity of transport and reducing the number of staff, improving the attractiveness of rail transport by improving the quality of the services in the area, creating the conditions for handling persons with reduced mobility and creating the conditions for the carriage of passengers and freight, increasing quality of service and reducing running time and ensuring a higher standard of railway network through the introduction of modern management systems such as ERTMS/ETCS, GSM-R, SCADA.

Results, achievements, impact 


Reducing the number of incidents by 42 %;

70 minutes travelling time saved

Reduced emissions by 35 000 t CO2/год. (due to the associated traffic);

Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility.


Project Budget


810 018 562.65

% EU Contribution

85 %



 in BGN

478 684 415.48



in BGN

84 473 720.38

Own funds

246 860 426.79

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 National Railway Infrastructure Company


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Sofia, 1320, Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd., 110

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