Metro Extension Project in Sofia, Line 3, Stage II

Metro extension project in Sofia, Line 3, Stage II - section "Zhitnitsa St.- Ovcha Kupel - Ring Road"

Full name of the project

Sofia Metro Extension Project, Line 3, Stage II — section “ul. Zhitnitsa str. Ovcha Kupel — Around”


Short name of the project

Metro line 3, section of Zhitnitsa street to Ovcha Kupel


European Regional Development Fund

Operational programme

Transport and transport infrastructure 2014-2020





Short description of the project

The project relates to the construction of new sections of the Sofia Metro Line 3 with 3.8 km and 4 underground metro stations (MS).

Description of the project and objectives

The construction of Stage II of the Line, 3, section “Zhitnitsa Street — Ovcha Kupel,” is part of the construction of the “Blvd. Botevgradsko shose”, a central urban part, the Ovcha Kupel, which is built into the general spatial plan and the short-term programme of Sofia Municipality for the development of transport as part of the backbone of the urban transport system.

The project covers the western part of the line and starts from the end of the underground section after 14 (end of Stage I), passes through the “Ovcha Kupel” residential area and reaches the MS 18, which is located under the ring road between the “Central” and the Sofia — Pernik railway line.

The project comprises 4 underground metro stations and a metro line with a length of 3.8 km, which for the most part is underground with the exception of the part of the route between the CU 14 and the 15 that will be elevated. In the case of MS 18 in the Gorna Banya, a connection to the railway line and rail stop is foreseen.This creates the conditions for a better integrated operation of the metro, road, rail and air systems, which leads to the even more effective development of intermodality in passenger transport.

The construction of the project will be: metro track of a total length of 3.8 km, 4 metro stations and railway station that are equipped with operating systems: electrical installations, low-voltage circuits, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water and sewage, rail, benchmarks, road and signalling signs and a contact line.

Results, achievements, impact

New metro stations — 4

3.8 km of new methomyl

New railway station — 1

Project Budget

242 199 009.35

% EU Contribution

85 %



in BGN

133 918 294.68



in BGN

20 087 744,20

Own funds

108 280 714,67 Sofia Municipality


Start Date




End Date






Metropolitan EAD



of the beneficiary

Sofia, 1000, ul. Knyaz BORIS I 121, tel. 02 9212001

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