6400 students participated in the "Green Olympics"


6400 students competed in the Green Campaign Green Initiative on a national scale. Participants from more than 25 schools responded to nature conservation issues and won prizes provided by the Environment OP.

The online platform http://zelenaolimpiada.bg/ has registered 5000 participants this year and abroad. 1400 students from Kyustendil, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad and Pleven competed in eco quizzes and answered questions about the conservation of nature.

Tomislav Donchev: European Union needs clear perspective for the main political and economic priorities Europe 2030

We need to set up the main political and economic parameters of Europe 2030. It is our responsibility to have an open debate focused on how to outrun our global competitors and to promote EU as a global player instead of just filling in the “budgetary gaps" coming from the new challenges. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev in front of the members of the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

The efforts for convergence between the European regions must be continued

The efforts to achieve convergence between the European regions must continue. We need a clear European perspective for the Western Balkans. This was a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev in the European Parliament’s REGI Committee, where he presented the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency and the vision for the debate on the future of Cohesion Policy.

Bulgaria prepares to advance the Cohesion Policy debate

As Bulgaria gets ready to take over the EU presidency in January 2018, Tomislav Donchev,Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds and Economic Policies, adds his views to the current debate on Cohesion Policy post-2020 and the importance of European solidarity. 

How important have the EU Cohesion Funds been for Bulgarian citizens since Bulgaria's accession to the EU 10 years ago? Could you highlight a few projects in particular?